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Matthew Lichtestein (U.S.A) Matthew Jaques (Wales)

"Agus es una buena profesora y un Buena persona. Ella es simpatica y tiene mucho paciencia. Muchas veces mi clase fue por más tiempo porque ella quería terminar el concepto. ella se preocupa por sus alumnos y le ayudará a alcanzar sus metas de español.
Agus is a great person and a very good professor.

"While in Bariloche for three months I studied Spanish with Agus, she tailored the classes exceptionally well to my individual needs. Despite being dyslexic I found the teaching techniques used helped my Spanish improve at a much faster rate than with other Spanish schools I had used. I can not recommend her highly enough. Muchas gracias Agus por todo! Un beso de Gales."

Erika Murphy Anneke Speijers (Australia)

"Agustina is a fantastic Spanish teacher! She is friendly, fun and very genuine. My boys loved working with her while we spent a 6 months living in Argentina and I came away with a great friend. Luca and Léo still talk about their time with her...she really made our time away from home a great cultural/language experience for us. She made Spanish FUN!!
I also had the chance to see her working in a class room environment and she can really handle a group! Patient and firm, she had all the kids interacting.
Should we have the chance to do it again, Agustina would be our first choice!"

"Agus was recommended to me at the hostel I was staying at and I can't speak highly enough of her. I was very confortable taking classes in her house and she was always well organized with diverse activities planned each time, so as to keep the classes interesting. She tailored the classes to what I asked for and would go out of her way to send me extra exercises to do in-between classes. I ended up staying in Bariloche for several months and we became very good friends. She is a truly lovely and caring person who is always happy. Muchísimas gracias Agus!"
Angela Carlson-Lombardi, University of MN (US) (U.S.A)

"It was a pleasure to work with Agustina. She is extremely competent and personable. She was in charge of the details my stay in Bariloche with 15 students from the University of Minnesota. She was able to establish a good rapport with the students while maintaining her professionalism. She accompanied us to all our excursions and provided students with cultural and geographical information relating to this region in Patagonia. Agustina also took care of any last minute matter that came up or other changes in plans and offered the students an unforgettable introduction to the people and landscape of Bariloche. My students were sad to leave this enchanted part of the world and certainly will miss Agustina's warmth and charm!"

Kemp Scales (Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States)

Kemp Scales (Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States)
"I have been having weekly Spanish lessons with Agustina Lago for about three months now. With the internet and Skype, we can see and hear each other in real time, despite our being 3 time zones and nearly 6,000 miles away from each other. I enjoy these lessons very much. Agustina's English is excellent. She is an enthusiastic and very friendly teacher, encouraging me to relax and express myself in Spanish, giving me lots of positive reinforcement in spite of my (at least for now) very clumsy and halting attempts with the language. My work as a lawyer keeps me busy during the weekdays, so that apart from listening to Spanish-lesson CDs while driving, I only have time for a 30-to-40 minute lesson each Saturday morning. While this limited schedule is, of course, no substitute for living in a Spanish-speaking environment, or having Spanish-speaking friends to hang out with, it is an important – and very affordable – part of my over-all plan of learning to speak the language. In addition, because of Agustina's very friendly personality, I find I look forward to these weekly lessons, and this anticipation motivates me to listen more attentively to my CDs during the week in order to show her how I am progressing. I have no other experience with on-line Spanish lessons and so cannot compare Agustina's approach with that of others, but I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending her to others."

Kimberly Bordigioni (U.S.A.)
"Agustina is an excellent professor! Always organized, the homework is relevant and the pace is customized to your level! She is awesome and I am still working with her because she is better than any class I have taken."
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